Our Vision

Designers today are moving from bi-annual collections to quarterly collections. Brands like Zara have given rise to the concept of fast fashion where designs are updated monthly if not quicker. In this quickly changing world, where anything can lose its bling in a matter of minutes, we strive to provide our customers a product which enhances their individuality yet is at par with the latest and foremost fashion trends and needless to say we guarantee the fit which you deserve. Our goal is to do all this via an efficient use of our resources in order to have a minimum effect on our environment while providing our employees a safe and nurturing atmosphere so to enhance their skills and knowledge leading to their professional and personal growth.

Our Strengths

Modern Techniques

Technology has always been the key to topping the competitive struggle, and is still dominated by the ‘older’ established industries, like Japan, Europe and the USA. However, the ease and speed with which younger industries have been absorbing and mastering the advances in machine and process technology throughout 1980s has turned attention of industries towards new modes of competition, including that based on human capital and cost. At the heart of this new thinking lies information technology. An explosion of capabilities in this area shaped patterns through the 1990s and into the 2000s. At BMI, we are geared to take on modern day challenges by adopting the latest techniques into each and every process, from making style bulletins and calculation SMVs to production planning and execution, where all processes are supervised by industrial engineers.

Reasearch & Development

Research and development are the backbone of an organization; BMI is no exception. Driven by passion, imagination and innovation, we ensure that our customers get premium quality products while keeping up with the current fashion trends. In order to bring to our customers unique and well-designed products, we ensure close collaboration between the designers, the industrial engineers, the technologists and the wet processing experts, so that what we bring to you is no less than the best.

Sample Development

Futuristic thinking, gut instincts, the know-how and the ability to decide when to do what- these are the ingredients that we put into our Research and Development strategy. The planning, creation and execution of sample is no doubt another cog in the wheel, and our fully equipped Sample Development facility manned by dedicated and highly-skilled individuals caters aptly to all Design and Development needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We ensure environment protection by warranting conservation of energy, curtailment of pollutants, reduction of carbon footprint, waste reduction and ensuring product life cycles compliance. Employee safety is also our top priority for which we guarantee a hazard free working environment, employee benefits, comfortable working environment and Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement (PACE) program for our employees.

One Stop Solution

After fabric procurement, our customers are given the facility of stitching, garment wet processing, finishing, printing, embossing, embroidery and anything one can think of, all under one roof.

Our Factory

Our manufacturing facilities are both large and modern, providing the perfect environment in which to manufacture the very best Denim quality. Our factory is located on the main Ferozpur Road, Lahore. The new manufacturing facility is spread on 9 Acres of land with 200,000 sq. feet of constructed space. Our plant is efficient, socially compliant, hazard free for our employees and moving towards a green production while considering the current fashion and trends of the market.

Our Compliances

For a safe and hazard free environment we do routine third party audits and currently hold many differernt certifications.


Audits (Recent)

1 KIK COC Audit August 2015
2 Inditex COC Audit April 2016
3 Quiksliver COC Audit Jan 2017
4 KIK Building, Electrical & Fire Safety Audit April 2017